Wednesday, February 04, 2009


In the middle of January, we drove over to Heidelberg for the weekend. (Movers are coming today, so pictures only.)

In the old town, castle on the hill behind.

View from the castle.

Another view from the castle, with a picture proving that I was on the trip.

Part of the castle.

Ashlyn's thoughts on the castle:

We stayed on post while we were there and went bowling one night.

Allen and Ashlyn bowling.

More bowling.

Check out the high scores. Yes, Ashlyn won the game.

While we were there, we were able to spend a few hours visiting with Adrienne and her children. Adrienne is a friend that we knew from Alaska.


Natalie said...

I loved how you had one picture of yourself. Matt HATES to take pictures and, therefore, I am rarely in any. He'll regret it later on, I guess/hope.

It's always so fun meeting up with old friends!

brenda said...

It is so cool to see Adrienne! I can't believe that you are moving already ;(

Farrah said...

Ah, Heidelberg. I lived above the castle, by those big communications towers.

I hope your packing is going well and that all goes smoothly.

The Smith's said...

Adrienne put a smile on my face!! I just love her. Hope she is well. That must have been great to see her. The trip looks wonderful.

Myrtle said...

Hope your moving day went well. Always more fun than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe you are moving. I say it all the time, but man, time goes by fast. That's cool you got to see Adrieene. The Heidelberg castle was one of my MOST favorites! We had the engineer ball there(castles are the engineers mascot/symbol) , in a lower room(maybe underground?? now I can't remember for sure!). Anyway, it was VERY cool. Good luck with your movers, I really hope it goes well for you guys. Maybe I missed the news, but has Allen accepted a job somewhere? I know there were offers. Good luck guys, take good care!!

KimS said... are you in Arkansas yet?? :)