Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend in Belgium

The weekend of the 18th, we went to Belgium for the weekend. After our last trip, we planned to go back at some point. When COL Webster told Allen that he would be in Brussels, we decided to meet him there. (For those of you who don't know, he was Allen's battalion commander in Alaska.)

We walked around the historical part of Brussels. Here's the Grand-Place. Several groups of scouts were running around. They kept forming lines behind us, and then scattering when we turned around. It was pretty funny.
Before we picked up COL Webster at his hotel, Allen told Ashlyn that we were going to spend the afternoon with the Colonel. He made references to the dog named Colonel on 101 Dalmations. Ashlyn didn't quite get it, and was calling him "Dalmations" the next day.
We didn't make it to see the Manneken Pis on our last trip to Brussels, so we made it this time. Of course, the kids conked out as we were walking around.
We had a good visit. It's always nice to see old friends. Before we drove to Brussels, we spent a few hours at the antique market in Tongeren. We stayed in Tongeren, so we could get an early start in the morning. After last time, we decided that we would go to Tongeren with a trailer. On our drive, we talked about how we probably wouldn't find anything that we liked now that we had a trailer. We joked that we were going to buy something to put in our trailer. In August, it had been raining, but this time the weather was beautiful. There were many more vendors set up with their antiques. We went out just after our breakfast at 7. There were people out there shopping with flashlights. They had apparently been shopping for awhile. There was so much stuff! And, good prices, too! We could have spent a few more hours and many more Euro (if we'd had more euro.) We still bought several things.

We'd seen a few of these last time, so we kind of had our eye out for it this time. These were in much better condition than the ones we saw in August, though.
The guy gave us a deal, so we bought two.

We saw several of these sewing boxes, so I had to get one. Ashlyn keeps putting her little treasures in it.
What every Razorback fan needs!

We bought a few other small things, and a bench for our entryway. That is probably our favorite purchase, but I couldn't get a good photo of it.


sara said...

I'm catching up on posts from the past few days so here are lots of comments.
Love the pics of both kids! Ashlyn must have been in heaven. Her costume is adorable! Poor Christopher, even with a scared little face he's a cutie!
The antiques are beautiful! I am sooo jealous!

Natalie said...

Love th antiques. I don't even know where to begin with that stuff. When I walk into places here or pass antique markets, I never find anything interesting - but the stuff you have, I think, would stand out. I don't know...Anyway, I'm glad you scored some great stuff!

brenda said...

your house and my house are starting to look the same! ha!

Harrisongranny said... KNOW that I want one of those!!!!

The Dunns said...

That's so cool that you got to see COL Webster! Beautiful furniture -- definitely doesn't compete with "antique Fairbanks furniture." ha-ha

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL antiques!


The Smith's said...

Holy crap! I must have never read this one! I LOVE L.O.V.E! your buys!
Absolutely GORGEOUS!!