Monday, November 03, 2008

Last bits of Sunshine

It is that time of year, when we are certain to go outside if the weather will allow it.

At times like these, it's good to jump on the trampoline...Or color with chalk.


Laura said...

I totally know what you're talking about. There's always that fear of Winter and the attempt to soak up every last half-way decent day out of Fall that pushes you to be outside every minute until the snow falls.

Uggh. It's only the first of Novemeber and I'm already sick of winter this year. Don't you miss Alaska?!?! Yeah Right.

The Capozzoli Clan said...

Did you guys buy a tramp? I am hoping to get one for the boys when we get a house.....maybe William's next birthday. Excited to see you on FB. Talk with you soon.

Natalie said...

What fun! Great pics, Angie.

We're getting more rain here. But, it's still sunny most of the time and in low 60's. We have about 2-3 months of "bad" weather. As in dropping to the 40's at night and reaching into the 50's and even 60's during the day. Last year, I did not really find it cold, aside from 2-3 weeks. This year, I am FREEEEEEZZZZZING. For someone who grew up in VT and lived in AK for three years, I find this pathetic! But, hey, at least we're not wearing thermal underwear like the locals (I am NOT joking - and we do not get snow at any time of the year).

Anonymous said...

Hey - loved catching up now we have the net on again in our new place. I am jealous of the antique market you went too - i want a side table picture. We need one of those and I am on the lookout - did you happen to get two??? I need a long narrow one - preferably light wood with some interesting detail:)

Anonymous said...

What fun!

Grandma Vicki