Sunday, November 02, 2008


The past two weekends have been full of celebrations.
Last Friday was Allen's 33rd birthday. Ashlyn really wanted him to have a pink cake for his Happy Birthday, but Allen wanted a chocolate and raspberry cake.

Here is Ashlyn singing to Daddy!
The next day Ashlyn's friend, Emma, had a costume birthday party for her 3rd birthday. This is what the girls did for a good half hour or more. There was also pumpkin carving, mummy wrapping, and a pinata. Ashlyn had a great time!
Of course, there was Halloween. I took the kids to a Halloween party on post in the afternoon. They were playing scary music, so Ashlyn kept freaking out. We ended up crashing our neighbor's birthday party in the same building. Afterwards, Ashlyn went trick or treating on post, while Christopher and I went to the commissary. We had missed many of the trick or treaters by the time we got home. Someone came to our house and left a small bag of candy on the porch, though.

Yesterday, we had another costume party, but I somehow didn't take any pictures! Allen and I even dressed up as McCain/Palin. Another Sarah Palin was at the party as well, but she was accompanied by Joe, the plumber.


Katie said...

Oh. Those photos of the girls running in their costumes are wonderful.

I want to see a pic of you and Allen as McCain and Palin. Pllllllease?????

The Dunns said...

No fair! You can't tease us with McCain/Palin and then not show pictures!!!!

Your kids are adorable. Great pictures.

Now, post yours. Please. Pretty please!!

Angie said...

Seriously, we don't have a picture. I didn't take even one at the party. Heather had someone take a picture of all of us with her camera, though, so I'll see if I can get one from her.

Harrisongranny said...

You did a SUPER job on Ashlyn's butterfly costume! They both look incredible...and beautiful, of course!

Jessica Bell said...

I love the idea of a costume birthday party. I have been stumped for James' birthday b/c it is right after Halloween, but why not reuse your costume. I am totally doing that next year.