Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recent Busyness

Some of you have commented about my little blogging break. Not planned, exactly. I have photos to share with you of our weekend in Belgium, a few pics from birthday parties, and others (maybe I'll even manage to get video on here again.) Then, I made a commitment to make a quilt in a week. One week. Up until this time, I've kind of been a 1-2 quilts(not counting more arty quilts) a year kind of quilter. I recently joined a local Prayer Shawl Ministry. I volunteered to make a lap quilt. When I was asked when I could complete it, I found myself saying "I can do it by next week." As I walked out of there, I thought,"Did I just tell her that I would make a quilt (from planning to picking fabric, etc.) in A WEEK?" Anyway, I did it, but it didn't allow for blogging, or mopping, or much laundry, really.

This is the completed quilt, in part following tutorials from Crazy Mom. (Thanks!)
I made log cabin blocks and did free motion quilting. The quilting was actually fun! I've never enjoyed the quilting part before. It was around the size of 48x66.

The quilt was made for a woman in the states with terminal cancer.

Christopher, helping.


The Capozzoli Clan said...

Was wondering where you were. I figured you were traveling for part of it and then busy...but always knew you would circle back. Beautiful quilt! You do nice work. And Christopher...what a helper! He is just adorable. Hope all is well.

Jackie said...

Saw your link on Crazy Mom Quilts. I'm a very new quilter (just finished my first top!) and never pass an opportunity to view a quilting blog! Your quilt is fantastic and I can't believe you finished it in a week!

Harrisongranny said...

We have a prayer shawl ministry at our church...the women meet a couple times per month and knit or crochet shawls/throws. I don't think they are doing quilts, but it is a wonderful idea! Yours is beautiful, Angie! It will be a blessing to the woman who receives it.

Angie said...

The rest of the group crochet. I'm just doing my own thing. I had wanted to make quilts "for" something. I had in mind Aids baby quilts, wounded soldiers or something along those lines, and then this group was started. They make shawls for people connected to our local community..

The Smith's said...

That is beautiful Ang. What a great gift to do for someone in need. You but a piece of you in that quilt and I know that will touch any heart.

The Dunns said...

What a pretty quilt! I love being involved in purposeful ministry. It really feels good to do something outside yourself. Nice job!!