Saturday, October 04, 2008


Allen, John, and Ashlyn in the Oktoberfest beer tent. (yeah, I hadn't adjusted my camera settings right. I realize that only Allen's beer is in focus.)
A few weekends ago we went to Nurnberg to their flea market. Ashlyn as always was fascinated with fountains in the city. Here's one. After perusing the flea market (too long for me!) we went to their Volksfest. Ashlyn rode several rides, including the ferris wheel with daddy
and, of course, she had to ride a pony.

This weekend was the last weekend for Munich's Oktoberfest. Fortunately, Allen finally had a weekend off work, so we were able to attend.

Many people were wearing traditional Bavarian clothing.
Here is one of the beer "tents."
Statue of the princess
Leaving the fest.
Oktoberfest was CROWDED. We took a train from our small village, 2 hours from Munich. All seats were already taken and much of the car was already crowded with standing people. We boarded at 8:30 AM, and drinking had already started on the train. I finally managed to sit in an area reserved for luggage, while we had Ashlyn and Bella sitting in another window area, again meant for luggage.

It started raining just after we arrived at the fest, which was about noon. We worked our way to one of the less crowded beer tents. There were no lines anywhere, just a crowd of people pushing their way to the front. We had a nice, though expensive, lunch in the tent, before walking around again outside. The rain had stopped for a bit and I wanted Ashlyn to ride one thing. We headed to the ferris wheel, where you couldn't really see the line until you paid and gave them your ticket. Again, not really a line, just a crowd of people pushing to the front. When it started hailing, I gave up. I'm not good at pushing into crowds, but I wanted OUT so I picked up Ashlyn and pushed my way out. Then, we headed back to the train, just as the sun came out. The train was, fortunately, much less crowded on the way back, though there were still people standing.


Laura said...

I think it's so cool you are doing as much as you guys are doing, but I would hate the crowds. Is it really annoying to be around that many people all the time?

Angie said...

Oh goodness, it is usually not NEAR that crowded. This was on the miserable side. Fortunately, both kids did pretty well. We don't live in a city, though many of the tourist destinations tend to be fairly crowded. Still, this was extreme.

Natalie said...

I don't like crowds either. I would have been really irritated! Sounds like so much fun, overall! I so want to go to a real Oktoberfest!!!

We don't live directly in the city either (I left a comment to your comment on my post). We live outside of Lisbon in a small town/city, Parade. The Cascais area is where a lot of people who don't like the "big" city of Lisbon live or visit and it's around that area that we live. Parede is fairly small and quiet. The beach across the street gets crowded with mostly locals only - or tourists who come for the rumored healing properties (read: arthritis healing) of the sea right there (high mineral content).

Katie said...

Y'all do the COOLEST THINGS! What an awesome assignment!

Also, I love the photo with only the beer in focus. It looks really artsy!

Matt said...

That beer looks sooooo tasty. I tried to lick my screen.