Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photos of the Boy

When I first purchased my digital camera, I researched cameras. I talked to a couple of people who already owned the camera. I ended up buying it in part because of its manual possibilities. Once I had the camera, I set it on automatic. That was nearly three years ago. My camera does a pretty good job all on its own, but lately I've been wanting to do a bit more. I took a few photography classes in college, and my film camera actual only had manual settings. So, I used to know some of this stuff. Now, I've been trying to relearn. Since my camera has been on manual, I've taken a lot of bad pictures (mostly just blurry.) Here are some of the better ones of Christopher. He's trying to crawl into my lap to check out the camera here.
Big grin, but way too much light, I know.
A little blurry, but he was just so cute here.

Can you see his two bottom teeth here? Cute. cute. Oh, and I think I had turned this back to automatic settings, with not enough light in the bathroom.
After trying to eat the bubbles.
He is constantly crawling through the bottom of his exersaucer.
Ashlyn would have flipped if she'd seen him with her sheet.

Again too much sun.
One morning I couldn't get Christopher to take a nap. So during lunch, I turned to see this:
I just left him there as he continued to drop.
Sleepy boy.


amanda said...

Oh, precious beyond words! And I love the one with 'too much' sun...he looks like an angel.

It's hard for me to remember that Beth was ever so delicate - she seems so tough now!

And hey - your hair looks fine! I sympathize with the layering issues, though - the last haircut I had was months ago, thanks to this lady who cut it in these jagged layers, some of them as short as bangs. Grrr. I'm afraid to get it cut again, even though it's all split ends now.

Harrisongranny said...

Angie...you definitely have an "eye" for pictures. These are just beautiful pictures of Christopher! I am beginning to see that he looks like Ashlyn now...and he sure is PRETTY for a little boy! :)

Thanks for sharing!

jae rin said...

I have the same problem. I took a B&W class at UAF using an old manual Nikon.I loved it. But with my Canon 20D, I mainly put it on auto b/c it takes so long to figure out all the buttons/functions/menus. Once I learn a function, it will be so long until I use it again that I forget. Sometimes I bring along the reference book, but it takes too long to look up stuff. I really need to learn. It's been 3 years too.

Laura said...

I think you did great for it being on manual. Way better than I could ever do, that's for sure.

Christopher is adorable. I so want to meet him. Are you guys ever coming back to the states?

The Dunns said...

Those highchair napping pictures are great! Love 'em!

Ezra enjoys sneaking cuddles with his brothers, blankets, too. (Don't tell the brothers!)

I've been experimenting with my manual camera settings, lately, too. Fun!

Angie said...

Jae Rin,

I don't think that my full manual Pentax had near the possibilities that my Canon has. It was pretty much just focus, and balance shutter speed with aperture. Of course, I had a lot of blurry pictures then, too.

sara said...

Just look at that darling boy! So sweet!

Lysandra said...

I swear, you have the most beautiful children. I'm not just saying that like I do to other people with just cute kids. I mean...I want to offer to babysit your kids. Which is a huge deal!

House Dad said...

I lost our small sony P&S and decided to buy a "better" camera. I settled on a Sony H5. 2+ years later and I'm still learning how to use it.

Keep shooting away. Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures Angie! How funny that he would fall asleep in his highchair.

Grandma Vicki

Matt said...

That's a Harris boy right there! I fall asleep in my chair at work everyday. No big deal.