Monday, July 28, 2008

Ooh, La La! Prague!

On the 7th, we traveled by rail to Prague. We arrived just in time to check into our hotel (ooh, la, la, this hotel is posh! Fancy Nancy reference.) Both before and after dinner we walked around part of the old town: The Astronomical Clock

Dinner the first night

Certainly the highlight for Ashlyn the first night, and possibly the entire trip, was the carriage ride she took with Grandma Vicki and PawPaw.
The carriage in the middle of the Old Town Square.
Apparently, Ashlyn was so excited and kept telling Paw Paw and Grandma Vicki that she "was on a carriage ride!"
Looks like she had fun!

The next morning, we walked up to the Castle Quarter.
We passed through gardens on the way.
And climbed many stairs.
Definitely when you wish that you'd left the stroller at home

Once in the castle quarter, we toured St. Vitus Cathedral. This is one of the windows, designed by Alfons Mucha.
After lunch we headed back down the hill, stopping in many shops along the way.

We walked back on the St. Charles Bridge

Our last morning, we walked through the Jewish Quarter on our way to the river.

Jewish cemetery
We took a boat ride that included lunch.

Ashlyn played with the camera on the boat.

After walking around a bit more and feeding our babies, we said goodbye to Prague.

More photos on flickr


jae rin said...

I love that cathedral window.I would love to go see Prague some day. Is Ashyln nursing--that's so cute!!!

Natalie said...

Great pictures. Looks like a great trip. Love the picture of Ashlyn nursing.

Tracy said...

Love seeing the pics. Will have to check out Flicker....and I love the skirt....where did you get it? I have been looking for some cute casual skirts that don't make me look like I am living in the 50's. Something that is ya know, mom appropriate.

Christal said...

loving the fantastic pictures! Ashlyn looks to be doing a great job nursing :) Christopher looks really tall in the photos of you holding him. wish i could see you all in person. I bet Bob and Vicki are missing you guys heaps after all the amazing fun you had together! Angie you also look stunning - loving the skirt look on you.

Lysandra said...

I love those pictures. You are so blessed!

Harrisongranny said...

Angie, you look so comfortable in that skirt...CLASSY. The trip looks like it was great fun and very interesting!

I love the pic of Ashlyn nursing her baby...I remember when Allen tried to nurse his bean-bag baby when we brought Brad home! (Allen is cringing now, I'm sure)

Kiss the kids for me.

Anonymous said...

This was such an incredible vacation for PawPaw and me. Angie did a wonderful job at arranging everything and selecting great places to stay. Ashlyn and Christopher are such wonderful children and we will always treasure this time we had together.

Grandma Vicki

amanda said...

Precious pictures. Allen reminds me a bit of your dad in that last one!