Saturday, April 05, 2008

More (positive) change needed

The GIANT knot is on the right side of her forehead. Really, it is the entire right side. Kind of hard to tell in this picture.

Forget that change thing, it is NOT good. Ashlyn apparently just took a couple of days to adjust and is now back to getting up between 6 and 7, though generally around 6:30. But, she has been on a nap STRIKE this week. We've had no naps since Monday, when she slept late. The first couple of days it wasn't a big deal, because she was still pleasant. Then, the lack of sleep hit her and she has been grumpy during the time when she should be napping, then into the evening. This morning, she woke up cranky. She had BETTER take a nap today. If I could choose between a child who slept until 8 but didn't nap and one who got up at 6 but napped every afternoon, I would take the child who napped. I like having the option to nap or read blogs when I'm not nursing (which is why I haven't been commenting much lately,) or work on my quilt, read or just whatever because that was generally me-time (if I could convince Christopher to nap at the same time.)

And, oh the child is MORE dramatic when she is tired. "I'm sad. I'm so sad." Why? "My daddy. My daddy is all gone." Daddy is not all gone. He is just on tdy for a bit. And this morning, she flipped out because she didn't have a fork to eat her waffles and whatever would she do? She knew where the fork was, go get it! Part of me wants to believe that this being dramatic is just a phase, but I think it may be part of her personality.

Ashlyn fell off of the couch headfirst on Sunday, though. She has a giant bump on her forehead. I thought she might have reinjured it during the night on Monday, because when she woke up on Tuesday the coloring was much worse.

Enjoying the sunshine

Christopher continues to be a easy going baby. No changes needed there. (Thank you!) He is starting to reach for his toys and make even more new noises.


Laura said...

Sorry about the nap-strike. I feel your pain. On no-nap days here, I all but pull my hair out and scream. It sucks. I wonder what's going on with her. An entire week of no naps sounds very un-Ashlyn. Could she be getting a new molar or something? Just a thought. Oh, and Christopher is super cute in that last picture. It's nice that he is at least cooperative at this stage.

Natalie said...

I hate no nap days too! As you know, Liv is a train wreck w/o a nap. She didn't nap twice this week. So, I know how you feel to some degree. Lila doesn't yet skip naps. But, they are shorter than Liv's were at her age. So, I anticipate nap issues with her in the future.

sara said...

No nap days suck! Maybe she's going through a phase. Max refused to take naps for about a month when he was her age. Then he got over it. Sometimes I think they get these weird little sleep quirks just to test us. Or maybe themselves. Hope it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

It must be really difficult with Allen gone while dealing with Ashlyn's antics - sooner or later she will do something super cute and all will be well. I would "soooo" miss the me time too! Your plate is super full and you need time out to re balance.

p.s you are looking stunning! Although I could only see half your face I could still tell you are on a mission to loose baby weight (my mission is still delayed).

Love you