Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am currently too tired to put together a coherent post. i am nursing a baby or i would be sleeping.

we are traveling again(and have walked ALL DAY.) So, let's play again. where are we? today, we went to the world's largest museum. this week, we will also visit some beaches, louis' palace, and monet's garden. too easy?!

ok, now to some random photos from the past week that i had intended to put together into something that made sense.
signs of spring from our walk
attempting togive wch his first bottle
ashlyn and her prince

wch's new thing-the hand holding
ashlyn with her new dress from b&v or p&gv. she declared that she LOVES her dresses she hugs them and tried to sleep with one of them.
more signs of spring


Natalie said...

I'm guessing France!

Giverny is beautiful. I so want to go back! The flowers should be blooming nicely there, I hope, for your sake and for photo ops.

Have fun!

Natalie said...

oops. You're already there!

Katie said...

WOW! You're posting pictures while you're travelling. I am totally impressed!

Christopher is at my favorite (or one of them) baby age. He looks SOOO cute.

I can't BELIEVE how old Ashlyn looks in that dress photo. I would guess she was about 4 or 5. She just looks so grown up!!!!! Love the one of her and her dad. So cute.

Have a fun trip!

Christal said...

I am literally almost in tears your blogs were so great! I helped v&b pick out that dress too! I also pretty much am in tears at seeing Allen in his dress uniform and am SO jealous that you got to see Paris that I am almost beside myself!!!! although it is fantastic that you guys get to explore - where are you staying in Paris? I hear it is expensive. Also - wch is looking ever so handsom I want to give him snuggles! Safe travels to you all. Christal