Thursday, February 21, 2008

Small Victories

this picture cracks me up

We haven't had any major events over the past couple of weeks, just a few small accomplishments.

  • managing a walk with all three of them (Ranger, Ashlyn, and Christopher)
  • buttoning my prepregnancy jeans
  • making it through 30 minutes of my exercise dvd
  • getting both kids through bath and into bed by myself
  • new baby smiles
  • working out for the entire hour of my exercise dvd (even though I'm dying after a couple of days of this)
  • completing the ten-year square of our anniversary quilt (yeah, it was nearly 7 months ago, so this one probably shouldn't be considered a victory)


Natalie said...

Great pictures. What DVD are you doing? I need to get one. There are NO NO NO NO gyms or anything of the sort with daycare here that are w/in our price range. I have a nighttime sitter, but no daytime sitter and all but one of my friends has their kids in preschool, therefore, would not want to do a co-op gym thingie.

Katie said...

Wow! I would say those are HUGE victories!! Good job!

Natalie...I don't know about you, but I LOVE power yoga. So, any power yoga DVD by Rodney Yee is the best! It is the only exercise that I truly don't hate. I actually enjoy it while I'm doing it!

Angie said...

I have a couple of Tae Bo dvds. I would like to get something else to alternate, but it will be warm soon, so I'll be out running and biking to break it up.

Natalie said...

Thanks, Katie for the suggestion. Not too into Tae Bo. Maybe Power Yoga will work. I'll check it out. I really just need to grab the 4-Runner, stick our Chariot (double stroller) in it and get to the board walk every day. It's across the street, however, the crossing to get to it is a mile away. Most people would relish walking next to the beach every day. I've just gotten lazy lately.

Harrisongranny said...

Angela...those are beautiful pictures!

I can't believe that in such a short time, you are back in your pre-pregnant jeans!! Yahoo!! Great job! I just thought...that's even considering the cookies that you bake in the middle of the night....

Angie said...

Did Allen tell on me about the cookies?!

And, I wrote that I could button them, not that they really fit.

Laura said...

I agree with Katie; those sound like big victories to me. Way to go! I'm definitely impressed.

The Dunns said...

Great job, Angie! You are an inspiration to us all. :)

I love that first picture. Christopher has a lifetime of being "loved to death" by his big sis. I can't wait to see the pictures of Ashlyn dressing him up in her princess clothes and having tea parties with him.

sara said...

Those are all fantastic victories!
I am always amazed at all the stuff you get accomplished!

Love Christopher's new found smiles! And Ashlyn looks like she's loving being a big sister!

amanda said...

Oh, I remember being able to button the pre-pregnancy jeans. Of course, it took way, way longer...but I was pretty excited, even though it was a while before I could comfortably wear them. You sound like you are knocking it out of the park - taking care of those beautiful little ones and yourself, too.

Rodney Yee is awesome, and I like Gurmuck, too. Of course, I am also longing for warmth to arrive so Beth and I can hit the streets more regularly.

The Smith's said...

I thought for sure I commented already! Guess not.
That is one impressive list of accomplishments. Wayda go!

Love that picture too. It cracked me up as well. Give them hugs and kisses from us.