Saturday, February 23, 2008

Major Accomplishments


Natalie said...

Too cute! Damn you're good. I was too lazy to do a chart. Tried M&M's. Didn't work. A zillion things. But, I can't complain. My goal was to be done by three and it's been since July, early August. It's so good to only have one in diapers!

Way to go Ashyln!

Olivia did get stuck in my room today and I didn't hear her bang on the door yelling to go poop and she had a rare accident. It was gaggy and she had a minor anxiety attack, "mommy, I yelled for you but you didn't hear me!"

Since we have favorable weather here and no carpet, I'm thinking of trowing Lila in Babylegs (quick access) and a Bummis pull-up in the next month or two, pull the mini-baby bjorn toilet back out and start her. We'll see. She does touch her butt and pull on her diaper when you ask her if she's wet. So, she's getting the idea. How Brenda got Nora trained by 18-months is BEYOND me. I may START the process sooner due to better weather and no carpet, but I don't see us finishing up by 18-months!

The Dunns said...

Good job, Ashlyn!

Brenda said...

Nora was trained in 3 days. I did it by staying home for three straight days, having Nora not wear any bottoms, and telling her we were going to sit on the big potty with her Dora potty seat every hour. When she went potty or #2, I sang a special made-up potty and #2 song that made her laugh and feel special. Nora is also a VERY determined girl. Heck, she wants to be Hannah Monatanna and a "Snoopy" Dr. when she grows up.

sara said...

Yay Ashlyn!!!!!

Laura said...

How does the chart work?