Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Babies

Sweet Face
Ashlyn is quite interested in everything about her baby brother. For now.
No pictures! Leave it alone!


The Dunns said...


My boys never moved past the stage of loving their little brother. Daniel was always amazing with Mikey and both are now great with Ezra! If Ezra's fussing and I can't get to him (cooking dinner or whatever), Daniel will go to him and pat his tummy or share toys with him. So sweet! The biggest problem I have is making sure that everything they share is appropriate (peanut butter crackers, blankets on his face...).

You have 2 beautiful kiddos!

Katie said...

Awwwwwww!! You are such a great photographer. What beautiful kids! I can't wait to hear more about how YOU'RE doing!!

Laura said...

Christopher's lips in the top photo look just like Ashlyn's when she was little. Don't you think so, too?

multi-tasking in Spokane said...

I love those pictures. I'm with Katie; how are YOU? Don't think that I don't want to see those beautiful children, cause I DO!! I just want to hear how you are too.

Natalie said...

Yeah, I'm with everyone else. Great photo's. Adorable kids. But, how are you?

Liv still loves to hug and "take care" of Lila. Though, the "NO, Lila, NO's" are being voiced more often lately. It's really sweet when she says, "Mommy, I love you and daddy and Lila too!"

Anonymous said...

What a precious baby you guys have! It's awesome that Ashlyn has adjusted well too, and that she's so impressed by him! You're funny about my blog, I went to Mexico for a week, that's my excuse. Plus, I'm still adjusting to "the news"!! I'll work on it though!

amanda said...

Such beautiful little ones! Pictures of happiness, contentment and love - and curiosity!

Miss you and I'm full of happiness for you!

Sharon said...

Precious, precious, precious! What great pictures...pretty easy when you have such beautiful subjects! I finally sent a package your way- be looking for that. Hope you are getting some rest and feeling good, Angie. Kiss your babies for me!