Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ashlyn training for her role as big sister (in about 6 weeks.)

Ashlyn training for her possible role as Mommy (in about 30 years.)

Ashlyn can also feed her babies from her knee and belly.


Amanda said...

Anytime Beth sees your blog (she's usually sitting on my lap when I do anything computer-related) and sees Ashlyn's picture, she shouts "Ats-li!" and grins hugely as I scroll through the pictures. In fact, I have to stop typing now because she is demanding to see Ashlyn's pictures again - which are gorgeous, by the way.


Natalie said...

How do you get Ashlyn to do anything with her hair? Olivia fights me every step of the way. And, half the time, she pulls it out right after. Thus, the pictures of Liv's hair always a mess. She's been like that with her hair since it was long enough to put stuff in it. Ugh. I must not have tried hard enough.

Liv nurses her babies too. Usually in the belly button area. Too funny.

Ashlyn looks so cute!

Alaska Dunns said...

Cute! While I was pregnant, Daniel liked to say he had a baby growing in his tummy, too. I love my little mimics.

Angie said...

Oh, Natalie, Ashlyn hair is awful. While she has started letting me fix it, that is only in the past couple of weeks. About a year ago, she would let me fix it, but pull everything out. Then, she would shake her head every time I tried to fix it, but leave the hair alone. Barrettes, hair ties, all still fall out constantly. Allen wants to grow her bangs out, so that is always in her face. I don't know how parents have kids with hair that looks decent for longer than 5 minutes after fixing it.

Katie said...

That is so hilarious! The nursing thing! Cracking me up!

I guess I used to lift up my shirt when my brother was born and try to nurse bags of dried beans. Lovely.

Lysandra said...

So funny that she can nurse her babies! I love it. She is so cute!