Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for:

  • Thanksgiving dinner with my husband (the last time we were together I was pregnant with Ashlyn.)

  • A toddler who cries, "Turkey, Hoo-ray!"

  • A baby on the way

Ok, now go around the table. What are you thankful for?


Grandma Vicki said...

Far too many blessings to list them all but none would mean anything without the wonderful family I have.

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Alaska Dunns said...

Beautiful Fairbanks snow. ("I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving...")

My family together for Thanksgiving -- my sweet husband and 3 beautiful boys.

My relationship with my Savior.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Farrah said...

I am thankful for so much: for my Savior, for my husband, for retiring at 31, for each day of life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Harrisongranny said...

I am so proud and SO THANKFUL for 3sons and their wives and babies...every day that goes by makes me realize even fortunate I am now...and have always been...even (and especially)when times were so tough.

I'm thankful for the understanding that only by the Grace of God...have I come this far...and that God's Grace continues to surround us we live and grow and learn more and more each day!

Blessings to everyone today...

one very lucky Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Thankful for:
No marders or mice (or rats)in my truck or van...
Mommies and Daddies BOTH with thier children...(and least nearby most of the time)
Ashlyn who gives her Mommie no end to frustration...LOL keep it up Ashlyn! You ARE SOOOOOOO Pretty!
Blog sites that give me opportunities to do what I am doing right now: LOL...
and "All Y'all" (more LOL)
Love B/D/P