Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An Evening in the Life....

Last night, my neighbor suggested that we go on a walk after dinner. The kind of walk that included a stop at our local eis cafe.

For some reason, during dinner Ashlyn could not stand being in our house for another minute. She started grabbing the backpack carrier (which we have only used one other time, weeks ago) and screaming "go, out." I was still eating and had every intention of finishing my meal. I did finish my meal as Ashlyn threw herself on the ground, "go, go, go!!!!" I then started getting Ashlyn ready and calling Heather to see if she still wanted to go, and could leave NOW.

Though Ashlyn and I had spent quite a bit of time walking around post with the stroller, Ranger hadn't been on a walk. So, though we were getting ice cream, I took Ranger with us. No big deal, we could eat outside at the eis cafe.

Shortly after walking pass the high school toward downtown, Ranger found something on the side of the road and started rolling in it. I pulled him out and we continued walking.

As we were approaching downtown, Ashlyn saw the eis cafe, put her arms in the air and said "Yeah, ice cream!" (She cheers a lot, "Yeah, eat!" "Yeah, outside!" "Yeah, home!") I was glad that we were actually going there. We realized at this time, though, that there weren't any tables outside the cafe. Oh, well, we could just get our ice cream and walk down the road a bit to a bench.

After we got out ice cream and sat down with it, we got a good whiff of Ranger. It was awful. We could hardly eat our ice cream with his stench. I tried keeping him as far away from us as possible, but he really smelled.

As we were eating, I felt a sprinkle, then a few more, then it just started to lightly rain. I decided that I could not handle having Ashlyn in the carrier and Ranger while eating my ice cream, so we sat in the rain eating. Ashlyn was all excited about the rain, and started dancing in circles. Then she started screaming (she thinks it is fun to scream. Sigh.), startling an older lady who was passing by. After Heather and I finished our cones, I put Ashlyn back in the carrier and wiped the ice cream dripping down her arm (yes, she would do better with a cup, but when I am eating a cone, she wants one, too.)

We started walking home. Shortly after leaving the main street, Ranger pooped on the sidewalk. Of course, this is not a big deal, really, but we just passed all of the trashcans that we were going to pass on this walk. He could have pooped anywhere else. Since I didn't have a stroller, I just had to carry the crappy bag with one hand, while holding the leash of the stinky dog with the other. Keep in mind that it is still raining, and I have a child on my back who is dripping ice cream onto my head. Oh, and Heather is also carrying her 6 week old baby. in the rain.

We walked out of the way to throw the poop away. I just couldn't stomach all of the nasty dog smells the rest of the way home.

At some point, Ashlyn dropped her cone, which I thought she would freak out about, but fortunately not.

When we were back to our house, I ran inside to get the dog shampoo and gave Ranger a cold bath from the hose on the lawn. Ashlyn thought it was great! She has never before witnessed a dog bath, since I usually do them while she is asleep or at hourly care.

I left the back carrier outside to clean up afterward, you know, ice cream dripping down and all that. Ranger started licking the ice cream. I put the carrier on the swing, so that he couldn't get to it. Great plan, but then he bumped the swing, knocking the sticky carrier into the dirt.

Then we all went night-night.


Harrisongranny said...

Hilarious story to start my day off....I laughed all the way through!

Where in the world was ALLEN during all work??! Seems that he never has to enjoy these wonderful experiences with you and Ashlyn and Ranger and Armand!!

love to you all...

Tracy said...

Loved the post.....isn't it just and dogs! If it were a light rain I could handle it....I am guessing that is what it was....and Ranger with the perfume...gotta love those dogs. Some of my most favorite times are when I am with the kids and the dog and life happens, as it does, and Kevin is at work....yeah, right! Sometimes I just need a drink. Sounds like you could have used one....if you could.


Vicki/Grandma Harris said...

The only thing better will be when you have all of this going on along with a new baby in a stroller!

Anonymous said...

Love your story!! It actually makes me feel better after my day yesterday. I was on my way to Leslie to meet my mom when Jake decides he has to go to the bathroom. Of course, it is the big job. No way to just pull over and let him take care of business on the side of the road. So as quick as I can I pull into the first gas station and tell Jake to run in and use the bathroom and I will be in as soon as I get Andrew out of the car. As soon as I walk in the door, I realize the gas station is not open but under remodel. I think what am I going to do? A man appears from the back and says "we are not open you need to leave." I told the man my son is using the bathroom and we will leave as quickly as possible. I walk to the back of the station and call for Jake. Jake answers and I realize he is not in the regular bathroom but in the shower area in the back of the store. I quickly find him perched on the throne and tell him we have to go because the station is not open. He takes his time, meanwhile, I am sweating thinking, is this place safe, why did I stop here, etc. Finally, Jake finishes his job, stands up, and proceeds to wipe. I tell him to hurry up and flush so we can get out of here. Meanwhile, Andrew is playing in the water and making a huge mess. Jake pulls up his pants and starts to flush the toilet and the toilet will not flush. I immeadiately begin to think, this cannot be happening to me. I try to flush the toilet and nothing happens. I realize the water is not turned on in that part of the bathroom! Oh, what am I to do. Should I tell the man my son just left him a big surprise in the bathroom or should I just get out as quick as possible. I decide the best thing to do is close the lid, run, and never stop at that gas station again.

Don't you love being a mom!!


Angie said...

Joy,of course Allen was at work! He misses all of the FUN stuff.

Yeah, Trace it was just light rain, and a drink would have been NICE. It was too late, so I couldn't even feel better with a coke.

And, Andrea, ohmy. I had to laugh. I would have done the same thing! You need to have a blog! Just Jake stories would keep everyone rolling!

Sharon said...

So glad I took the time to check out your blog before heading to bed. What a fun read! And, you think that was challenging? Oh, you just wait, it gets better! (LOL) Although, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see how different Ashlyn will be 7mos. from now and hopefully potty-trained, too. Hope you are feeling well and able to get some rest. I think that was the biggest adjustment to me with #2- the lack of sleep(even rest). You are up with the baby through the night then dealing with a 2yr. old all day long! It will be a challenging year, but you will love having them so close in age. I'm rooting for another girl, so Ashlyn will have a sister close in age and y'all will go for #3- which of course will be a boy! Either way, I'm so excited for you. Take care! Happy Father's Day, Allen!

Angie said...

Oh, I know that it will be much wilder. I'm just feeling a taste of what it will be. I am glad that they will be close in age, and that the second one isn't here already. As far as number 3, this might be it!