Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ashlyn, the helper and dog harrasser

I realize that it has been a few weeks since I have posted any new pictures of Ashlyn. I honestly haven't even been taking that many pictures of her over the past few weeks, but I will share.

Ashlyn wants to help with so much around the house. Every time she finds dog poop in the yard, she is going for the pooper scooper. This definitely beats picking up a piece and bringing it to the door with "Mommy, doggie poop!" Yes, I see. (Are you familiar with Clifford, the Big Red Dog? I cannot read the Clifford book we have to Ashlyn without thinking "who has to clean up that poop?" I mean, he's a really big dog. Anyway.)

Oh, and the car in the background is our new old car. It's a 95 BMW.

A couple of days ago, Ashlyn wanted to help me sweep the floor. She basically just moved the dirt out of the pile I'd made. But, hey, she wants to help.

Yesterday, I pulled the garbage out and was cleaning out the garbage can. When I looked around, Ashlyn was taking the garbage out!

Poor Ranger! He really has a rough life. Armand has taken to hiding from Ashlyn almost entirely, so all of her 2 year old pet love is poured out on Ranger. She loves to chase him around the house with one of her push toys. At first, he'll kind of run from her as if he is actually playing, but he gets tired of it pretty fast as she runs into him over and over. And, of course, the running is generally accompanied by screams! He'll give me the most pitiful looks after a few minutes of this game.

Ranger doesn't even get a break during meal times. If I don't keep Ashlyn out of the kitchen, she will put her hands in Ranger's bowl and help him eat it. Ranger is normally a very fast eater, with Ashlyn there, he pretty much swallows the food whole.

Ashlyn has also started trying to sit on Ranger. He really isn't that big of a dog to be ridden.

Ashlyn is actually trying to sit on Ranger, while he is eating.

Ashlyn and Paloma (Paloma is our next door neighbor, and Ashlyn's best friend, who she calls "Olo"), decorating Ranger with sidewalk chalk. He actually liked this. He really wants attention so badly, that he will put up with just about anything.

Of course, here is Ashlyn throwing a fit on the floor, and getting mad that I am taking pictures.

Ashlyn has also been working on her big sister skills. She wants to change her babies' diapers and have them go night-night. As she changes the diapers, she is always sure to add a "shew" (not sure how that would be spelled, as in stinky.) And, when they go to bed, she rocks them, sings, and says "shh."

Ashlyn now understands that EVERYONE and everything has a name. And, she wants to call them by their name. It is so amazing to see her develop.

So, speaking of development, I had an appointment to check on #2 today. It was incredible to see the difference. Now he's only 5 cm, but last time there was just this blob and a bit of a heartbeat. This time, sooo much bigger, and I could see parts. He looked like a baby. I could see his little foot kick and even little fingers. He was very active, so it was hard to get a good shot. But, everything looked great!


7 weeks

11 weeks


Gina said...

AAARRRGGGHHHH....Somebody help the poor dog!
Does this mean "he" is a boy?

Harrisongranny said...

I agree about poor's really not fair for him to be manhandled by a 2 year old!!!

Are you saying "he" generically? (is that a word?)

GREAT belly shots!!!


Natalie said...

Olivia went through a stage where she would get on all fours and drink out of Denali's dish like a dog. It took a couple weeks' to break. Ick. Why can't they skip the, "interested in dog food and all things dog" stage??

Katie said...

Ashlyn's hair is so cute--long and wavy. I love it! Those pictures are great. You do a great job of capturing these little moments and putting them all together.

I love the belly shots! You are looking good! How are you FEELING?

sara said...

At least she's not eating the dog food! ;) Seriously, glad everyone's great & love the belly pics! And what a nifty count down feature! That's cool!

Laura said...

Call me retarded, but I can not figure out the belly shots. Please help. Are you facing forward or sideways and what is what?

Angie said...

He is just a generic term for baby, since it seems wrong to call him/her an it.

I am feeling pretty good, though a bit tired. The nausea is basically gone and wasn't near as bad as it was with Ashlyn. No puking.

Laura, you crack me up. I should perhaps be offended, since you can't tell where the baby belly part is. I don't think my side fat looks that big! This picture is from the side. It is my left side, with my hands behind my back.

Vicki/Grandma Harris said...

Ranger is always such a good sport. What a great kid dog.

Thanks for the update and all the pics - Ashlyn looks like she's doing great. And speaking of Ashlyn...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GIRL!!!

BOb/Dad/Pawpaw said...

50/50 chance that "he" is a boy and with the count at 4 girls and 2 boys the odds are very much in favor of an Alfred, Alex, Ashton (Ashlyn and Ashton!), Archibald, Arnold, Andrew, (Angus is already taken, but most folks call him Jack, so...), Allen, Jr., Aaron, Abraham, Adam, Apollo, Ahab (!), well just some names to consider! Anyhow, thanks so much for the posting, always happy to read you and take in your pics! Love, B/D/P