Sunday, April 01, 2007

The rest of the trip

I feel like I should share a little bit about the rest of our trip to Arkansas, since I certainly stopped updating long before we left. So, since it's been a bit now, I'm just going to do a quick update and put pictures on flickr. Basically, Ashlyn started getting sick while we were at an amusement park on Thursday. She was ill for the next several days on and off. Then, Allen started feeling bad and Bob, then me, too. Somehow Bob's illness was unrelated. Anyway, we were all sick for most of the last week we were there. I felt completely better the day we left, good timing.

Anyway, before Allen and I got sick we had a good family party with his dad's family. We spent time shopping with them and just hanging out at their house in Pine Bluff. We were looking forward to spending a couple of days on their new boat. Unfortunately, we weren't feeling well enough for any of that, though Allen and Ashlyn did at least get a couple of hours on the boat on Saturday. We also went to Kamryn's christening on Sunday. We were also able to see good friends in both Russellville and Huntsville before flying out on Tuesday.

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