Sunday, April 01, 2007

The busy weekend of one family in a new country with no transportation

Yeah, I haven't updated. We've just been so busy. ha.
  • We've hung out in our spacious room.

  • Been to the playground (lide, lide, lide) at least twice a day

  • Walked to the px (which is a little smaller than the shoppette at Fort Benning, for those of you who are familiar)

  • Checked out our possible new homes. (sorry no pictures yet. I'll post once one is ours.) We were given three options, two in Parsberg, one in Grossbissendorf. Just by looking at the outside, we've narrowed down our selections to the two in Parsberg. Parsberg is a bit larger village and has restaurants, a few shops, and a train station. Plus, I just don't like the floorplan in Grossbiss.

  • Experimented with new hairstyles.

  • Ate at two different restaurants in Parsberg, yum, and on post, yuck. We ate at the bowling alley for dinner. I ordered a currywurst. I figured when in Germany, have a sausage. Yuck. It was a hot dog, people. A hot dog with some kind of nasty sauce and spices. Yuck. After I took the first bite and realized it was just a hot dog, Allen suggested that trying German food on an American post was not a good plan. Yuck again.

  • Questioned the purpose of this cupholder?

Update: I saw another one in a public restroom, and it had a cup in it with a toilet brush.

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Vicki said...

Cute hairstyle...she looks like a little German girl. And, I guess you've figured out NOT to use those round holders next to the toilet for your drinks :)