Sunday, April 15, 2007


Ashlyn POOPED ON THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!
Allen called me upstairs, and we sang Amy's "poo-poo on the potty" song. It was a family event.


Grandma Harris said...

How exciting! I haven't heard that song before so we'll have to have Amy sing it for us next time we see her.

Natalie said...

Yeah for Ashlyn! Liv pooped on her pillow in her bed the other day! She can't bring herself to poop in her diaper anymore. So, if I don't hear her tell me she's got to poop when she's in her crib, I'm usually in for a surprise when I go in there. We've had to put PJ's on backwards so she can't get out of them! Oh what fun!

Jamie Lynn said...

YEY!!! That is great!!