Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weather and naps (sounds exciting, huh?)

We've needed to do a few things this week for moving that have our schedule off. The good part of that is Ashlyn has spent more time with me this week. And, we've had gorgeous weather. It has been in the 20's all week! So, in between running errands, we were able to go outside. Somehow, spending more time with me means Ashlyn doesn't need to nap, though. Not good afternoons. Today, when I told her to go get her book for me to read, she even ran downstairs. Maybe I don't wear her out enough??

I'm just posting a few pictures from yesterday.



Allen is currently watching American Idol. I have never watched the first part, just because I want to hear decent singing. Is it always this bad? This is not entertaining. Some of these people cannot POSSIBLY believe that they can sing well. Others are just pitiful, "please, no. Let me sing again." Good grief, have some self respect. Leave the room when they say you can't sing and you know that cameras are on you. I'm embarrassed for them. Anyway, this had nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Playing with Daddy

She looks awfully close to the ceiling here!


Katie said...

Wow! You might want to check Ashlyn's head for ceiling paint flakes!!

Can you just put her in her crib for some quiet play time, even if she doesn't nap?

I LOVE American Idol, even though I know they purposely show all the bad people (you KNOW there are good people they just don't show)...but I just can't tear my eyes away from it!

Vicki said...

As you know I'm an American Idol fan too. And, while I feel sorry for the bad singers on the first episode, everyone else should know what they are in for.

You might want to try and get a house with vaulted ceilings next time :)

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Thanks for the pictures Angie!