Monday, December 18, 2006

A Word of Thanks from Allen

So, I thought I would use Angela's blog to post a thank you since I know so many family and friends read it every day. I meant to post this a week ago, but got lost in all the hub-bub you read about in Angela's last couple of posts. Plus, I had to have Angie here to show me how to use this dag-blasted doo-hicky.
Anyway, I cannot express in words how much I appreciate everyone's support. Every package containing magazines, homemade cookies, razorback stuff, popcorn, fritos, boxer shorts, toothpaste, dvd's of my Hogs, various tv series, and every card, every letter, every email with words of support, or updates on my Hogs, every thought, and every prayer meant more than you probably realize. It meant a lot to know that not only were so many people supporting me and the rest of my Soldiers, but also to know that Angie and Ashlyn had so many people back home supporting them. My job and ability to focus on that job were made a lot easier knowing they had so many people to rely on for help and support.
So, thank you. I look forward to see you all again and celebrating my return to the civilized world!


your Dad and Vicki with much love said...


sara/ian/max said...

We are just glad you are home safe with that adorable little girl & her mommy!

Katie said...

We are also so glad that you guys are all finally reunited!

Jamie said...

I began reading your blog months ago. I followed the link from my friend Lysandra's page. I continually prayed for your husband, as well as for you and your daughter. While Allen sends a thanks out to everyone, I send a big thank you back to him. That thank you also extends to you and your daughter for all of the selfless sacrifices that you made, in order for your husband to fulfill his mission. That, in turn, benefits all of us. My husband separated from the AF in August 2006. Thankfully he did not endure a deployment during the three years of our marriage. He was scheduled to go during Sept - Jan 06 (he would have been gone for our son's birth). But due to our custody circumstances, it would have greatly impacted the well-being of our older children (we have sole custody of them). So luckily he did not have to go. I remember the fear that I felt just thinking of him leaving. I cannot even begin to imagine what it was like for you and your family. So my point is... THANK YOU so much for everything... all of you!