Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Slow-Down

Our weekend was supposed to be really busy, too, but we had an unexpected stop to our plans.

First of all, we went to see Santa on Saturday morning. Santa was trying to keep Ashlyn from seeing him, while I put Ashlyn on his lap so she wouldn't cry. I wanted her to see where I was putting her. She didn't cry, though we couldn't get her to smile, either. She is not doing posed pictures very well now.
After we went to the Santa Claus house, I decorated some ugly Christmas sweatshirts for the "Tacky Christmas Sweater" party we were to attend that night. They are ugly, and I'm surprised Allen was willing to wear a giant tree on his chest, with a glitter star and glued on Christmas lights. He got out of it, though. We went out to dinner with Ed and Kellie before the party. Just when we were about to leave, Allen said that he was too nauseous to go. The puking began on the side of the road about 5 minutes later. He was sick all night long and into the next. Apparently, things are going around, since, when I called to cancel, the host of the party was also puking. Lovely. Isn't this a great post? So, instead of a party Saturday night, church, and a dinner Sunday night, we were at home. At this point, neither Ashlyn nor I have seemed a bit sickly, so I hope that continues. Allen was feeling much better and went to work early this morning.


Vicki said...

What a cute picture! Sorry to hear about Allen but hope you and Ashlyn don't catch the bug.

jame lynn said...

You asked for things to slow down :) ;)

Hope Allen feels better soon. I have my fingers crossed you 2 stay puke free.

warm and dry in Arkansas... said...

Glad to hear that Allen is feeling better and that you and Ashlyn are well too! Ashlyn still looks cute on Santa's lap even without her fabulous smile - she just can't help looking cute! Love, B/D/P

Katie said...

ACK! I am so sorry that Allen got so sick. I hope you and Ashlyn don't get it. That is absolutely the most miserable thing EVER.