Friday, December 01, 2006


The Short Version ALLEN IS HOME!

The Long Version
I woke up on Thursday, planning to pick Allen up at 4:15. I already had reservations for Ashlyn at hourly care, so, after taking her there, I started preparing cheesecake, roast, and cleaning the house like a mad woman. I had somehow left way to many things until the last minute. Somewhere in there, I received another phone call that Allen's flight was coming in earlier than expected. Now, I needed to be at the AHA by 2:30, instead of 3:30. I was beginning to freak out a little. After I picked up Ashlyn from hourly care (where I changed her into her homecoming outfit, in case she went to sleep on the way home) I lost it. I bawled, until I drove past the AHA. It was 12:45, and I was behind buses dropping off soldiers. I started calling people to see if something had happened where they were coming in even earlier. Then, I started calming down a little, knowing that they could not be here that early without hearing something. But, I continued to cry uncontrollably all the way home. After I got myself ready, I packed Ashlyn into the car at 1:45. It only takes me 15 minutes to get back to the AHA, but I cannot sit at the house. So, I drove around for a bit, remembered that I needed something else, drove back to the house, and then to the AHA, right at 2:30.

My hands were completely shaking as I took Ashlyn into the AHA, where I parked her stroller next to a backrow seat. I started crying again when someone asked how I was doing. I have no idea why I was such a crying freak, but I just kept saying "I can't believe they are going to be home." So, after standing around and talking to friends, I calmed down substantially, and was just excited, rather than the crying, shaking, excited freak that I had been. We were kept up to date by Col Ball about when they were coming. He told us the update when they left Eielson, and then when they got to the front gate. We were all so excited. When the doors opened and the buses pulled into the AHA (at 4:15), I don't think anyone was sitting down (though I never did.) I was standing on a chair to see Allen. The guys lined up in formation, and I thought that I saw Allen, so I ran with Ashlyn down to the other end of the crowd. A soldier (Mitch Rambin) who was already back saw me and directed me to where Allen was standing. He was right in front, and just looked beautiful. This is when I started crying again. Mitch yelled out to Allen that I was right there. We could hardly stand that we couldn't immediately run to each other. Col Ball said something to the crowd about what a great job the guys had done in Iraq, everyone cheered, including Ashlyn, who started clapping. I was pointing out Daddy to her. Then, the guys marched down to the other end of the AHA, so I ran the other direction with Ashlyn to wait for them to be released. After they were all lined up in front of the crowd, they were finally released. Allen and I just clung to each other, with lots of hugs and kisses. It was the best moment, ever. I feel like we are in the middle of a national holiday. Allen is home!

So, during this whole time at the AHA that we were waiting for the guys, and when they got there, a friend of mine (Michelle) was taking pictures. She took nearly 300 pictures, seriously. So, I am sharing.

Warning: Kissing photos to follow

Allen waiting in formation. (He's the guy behind the blue barrel, in the black jacket.)

Ashlyn and I waiting to hug Allen.

Our first hug

Our first kiss

Another kiss

Family Photo


Brad said...


still in Tas waiting for a baby said...

Thank you Angie for your blog about homecoming; thank Michelle for the pictures and thank God for Allen safely returning to his family. Love you. Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Lysandra said...

I am so happy for you! I don't know you very well but I definitely feel for you! I am so glad for you and Allen! Congrats

Katie said...

Michelle was like your own private papparazzi. She was gutsy getting so close!! I am glad those pictures turned out so well!

John Dyer said...

Alan, welcome home. It's great you guys decided to come back to the US this time. Look forward to seeing you at the next dinner gathering. JD

John D said... that you are back, maybe I'll learn how to spell your name correctly!

Jamie Lynn said...

There is nothing more beautiful than the picture's of you three together again.

KimS said...

Joy! Just pure joy, reading this.

(Bringing along a photographer was such a great idea. Who wants to take their own photos at a time like that?!)

Brad said...

OK. Unlock your lips and get back to blogin'!!