Sunday, October 29, 2006


I just went to church. As I approached the building, there were no cars in the parking lot. That is because it doesn't start for ANOTHER HOUR! This also means that Ashlyn didn't just get up at 6, she was up at 5 am! Little booger.


Anonymous said...

So, to clarify, you forgot to set your clock back an hour! Right?

Funny. I love you

Anonymous said...

Jacob got up at 4:30 this moring also

C and J said...

I think that just about every time we had a time change (while we were New Hopers) we showed either early or late. We were so bad the Curt teased us every year.

You should have seen me this morning- our cable box changed on it's own. So when I woke up to get a drink in the bedroom it was 3am but in the living room it was 2am. I couldn't figure out what in the hell I did during the night. Finally, around 8 it hit me- TIME CHANGE!! duh!

Brad said...

Australia is daylight savings crazy. Every state changes at a different time, except Queensland, which doesnt change because their cows arent smart enough to know when to get out of bed. And then there is South Australia which only wants to change theirs by half an hour. Oh and dont forget the bottom half of New South Wales that change at a different time than the upper half...I dont even know what day it is.

Bob/Dad/pawpaw said...'s today.... ;>)