Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's almost time

I blogged about this before, but it is soon now. Both of my sisters-in-law are having babies in November. I wanted to show off their baby bellies. I did not get their permission to post these photos, so I hope they don't mind. These are pictures from their baby showers.

Christal and her baby boy belly.

Sharon and her baby belly

I just liked this picture of Granny (Joy), Grandma (Vicki), Sharon, and Honey (Barbara)


C and J said...

So exciting!! When are they due again? November ??

Angie said...

AAAH! Don't ask me the exact due date. I think Christal is due around the 20something. Sharon is easier, since she will have a scheduled c-section on either the 16th or 19th.

christal said...

The lady in the photo with me has had 6 children naturally! It is possible to regain your figure!

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

The last date I heard for Christal is 28 Nov and Sharon is 16 Nov. Same month, however different countries, different hemisheres and opposite sides of the date line! But check out this: America-Arkansas-Alaska-Australia = The A Team!. Love, B/D/P

(Brad) said...

Damn, them some good looking pregnant women!

Non-Pregnant Woman in Picture said...

What about the non-pregnant women?!?

learnedthehardwaywhentostoptalking said...'re on thin ice Brad...Love, B/D/P