Thursday, October 12, 2006

Random Events of the Past Week

Since Bob and Vicki have been in here, I have been taking advantage. I scheduled every appointment that I could think of(dentist, doctor, salon, financial, vet) while they were here, plus I have volunteered at the OSC bazaar this weekend and I have been working out a few mornings a week. They have been doing everything for Ashlyn. I'm just here, though I am the one getting up during the night or very early, if needed. Bob has also fixed a few things around the house, including cleaning out the gutters.

Ashlyn is loving having them here, and is getting SPOILED! She has perfected her "fake" cry. She has also learned a few new words lately: cricket, lights, maybe grandma (sounds like na-na), nanoo(think Mork and Mindy,) and Paw paw. With the addition of Paw paw to her vocabulary, she has definitely further wrapped Bob around her finger.

Vicki bought Ashlyn a stuffed cat. She loves it almost as much as Armand. She has started kissing both cats. She has been trying to share her toys with Armand. He isn't particularly impressed.

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Ashlyn has quite the sense of humor. She thinks that she is hilarious! She has taken to picking up the phone and laughing, rather than talking. Ashlyn was teasing Ranger earlier this week by covering him with a blanket and laughing as he barked about it. She tried playing the same way with Bo, so we put the blankets away. (Do not smother the baby, Ashlyn.)


I am hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Thank God!

C and J said...

It was great talking to the both of you last night!! I love her giggles!