Friday, September 29, 2006


Ashlyn reading her book.

Last week Laura helped me move our futon into the garage, and I moved most of Ashlyn's toys into the office, now office/playroom. I put a few things in closets, but, hey we don't have huge closets, either. I left one basket of toys in the living room. The problem being, Ashlyn doesn't go into the playroom very often to get toys. She has basically just been playing with the toys that are in the basket in the living room. I don't care if she drags everything from the playroom into the living room daily, I just don't want it to all stay in the living room. I guess I just need to rotate.

Ranger in the playroom, moping because I removed his bed (the futon.)


Laura said...

I'm sure she will eventually figure it out but I bet it's so nice to have your living room back.

C and J said...

Glad you found a solution.

Katie said...

Your living room definitely feels more open and clean now! That must be nice.