Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We got 4 packages in the mail today! Yeah! I love opening them, even if I was the one who ordered something. But, today we even had a complete surprise. I asked Vicki (also known as Grandma Harris) to get Ashlyn some tights. She bought 9 pairs of tights! They are so cute, though. Ashlyn will be wearing lots of dresses for awhile, just so she can wear her tights!
Poppy (my dad) also sent a rocking chair for Ashlyn. She loves it! I opened the package outside, and Ashlyn wanted to stay in the chair. She liked it inside, too. It is so fun to see her excited about little things.

Thanks for the packages!


Katie said...

Wow! Cool tights and chair!

Laura said...

I LOVE the tights. She may be wearing them everyday from now on since you have so many but they are all so cute.

I loved seing her sitting in the rocking chair in the front yard but you failed to mention that you had to put it in the seat next to her in the car on your way home becuase she didn't want to let it out of her sight. Your dad should be proud.

Grandma Harris said...

It was soooo much fun picking out the tights - I'm sure they'll look adorable on her. Your Dad's chair is wonderful. Just the perfect size!