Monday, September 11, 2006

Outside this Weekend

The weather was beautiful this weekend, so we took advantage. We went to the park in North Pole on Friday. I should have brought my video camera, too. Ashlyn just laughed on the swings. So fun, but I just have pictures (which are hard to take while pushing your child on the swing.)

She really liked the slide, too, but wanted me to be very near her. Not a daredevil, yet.

Ashlyn went to Sunday School for the first time today. She colored and stamped a picture. She is a full year younger than the youngest children in the class, but the teacher said she was fine, though she needed a nap before it was over. (Well, she went to bed very late!)

Ashlyn actually wore these shells to church today. Not my idea.

Today, we played outside after dinner and before our walk. Ashlyn may not have been walking long, but now, she is running.

Run, run, run!

I gave Ranger a chew stick not long before I decided we should go on a walk. He would not put the chew stick down to go on the walk, but he didn't want to be left at home, either. So, he carried it for the whole walk. It was a pretty nice walk, though, since he didn't pull me with the chew stick in his mouth.


Katie said...

Adorable pictures! I can't believe she is running now! And wearing tennis shoes!!

C and J said...

Great great pictures. She is a little lady. I guess you have found a trick for Ranger dog. Bone + no pulling= wonderful walk

Brad said...

She is either the happiest girl Ive ever seen, or trying to catch flies in her mouth! Either way she makes for some great photos...

Laura said...

I like Brad's comments. She really is a happy girl.