Thursday, July 27, 2006

Official News

The official word has now been made public. The timeline of when they will come home is, of course, completely up in the air. Hopefully, we will have Allen back by Christmas. We won't count on it, though. I may feel the need to head to Cabo if he isn't back then.


Katie said...

You have GOT to be f*$king kidding me. Angie, I am so sorry. Please call me, if you can stand talking about it. I tried calling, but no one answered and I don't have your cell number.

Lysandra said...

I am so sorry! I think it's horrible that this happened.

Gina said...

Angie, We are stunned and saddend by the news of Allen's redeployment. Somehow I bet he is probably taking it better that the rest of us. Some things we obviously cannot control. You will have to deal with it one day at a time. We are praying for you and Allen. You WILL find the strength to handle this turn of events. Kiss Ashlyn for us.

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Vicki and I talked to Matt and Makena last night - I talked to Matt, then Makena and then Makena requested to talk to Grandma! She gets more requests than I do - I'm jealous!
"They" may not yet have told you things like a new mailing address, things Allen needs (I can imagine that he probably dumped a lot of stuff when he thought he was packing basically for an overnight trip to home!). I got an e-mail from Allen and I was encouraged by the things he talked about. I was especially glad to hear that he is able to call you and talk to you.
You may recall that Vicki mentioned to you on the phone that we had been planning a campng trip to Devils Den State Park this weekend with Hannah and Hayes. On Sunday, Hannah and Hayes (with some help from Grandma and even a little help from Pawpaw) are going to prepare and host a picnic for us and Matt, Sharon and Makena who will join us. Then after the picnic we'll break camp and head to the house! I will probably take my cousin Mark who lives in NW Arkansas up to the KC area to see his Mom who is in the hospital. Cousin Mark's truck isn't running reliably right now, but his sister is going to bring him a loaner. Enough about that.
As soon as you know more I know you'll pass it on - I am thinking right now that letters to Allen would be a real boost for him - I guess we could use his most recent address and count on them to forward the mail to him.
Vicki has to go to work this morning and I need to see her off to work - Talk to you later! Kiss Ashlyn for us too! Love, Bob