Friday, July 28, 2006

Looking on the Bright Side...

This was sent to me by a friend last night. I thought I would share.

Top 10 Positive Aspects of the Stryker Brigade Extension

1. We receive more pay. Equals we can actually pay off all those clothes and comfort items we've been buying under the table while we've been in charge of the finances.
2. We have more time to grow out or restyle our hair. So if Tina Turner called and asked for her hairstyle back last time you got your hair cut for that big homecoming, you still have time to mend the situation.
3. We have more time to get buff. And get flexible :)
4. We don't have to worry about birth control. Or turning down sex. Or being turned down for sex. Or waking up the children with sex. Whatever the case may be.
5. We still get to anticipate that big run-leap-hug maneuver all of us have been dreaming about. Hey, we could all even take time now to practice in the mirror. Or with each other. We could rent fake families even. You know, just to make sure we're leaping beautifully for the welcome home camera. You only get one leap, you know. And that picture lasts a lifetime, so you don't want to look all awkward in the leap part of your maneuver. Perfection is key.
6. We still get to maintain those romanticized versions of perfect husbands who always stop to ask for directions and never leave the toilet seat down. You know, the ones who look better than Brad Pitt and are smarter than Bill Gates, even though someone once mistook them for Steve Urkel and they can't spell the word "brigade" in their emails home. Those ones.
7. We have more time to clean out all those closets full of husband junk that you've been dying to throw away for 40 years but just have never had the opportunity while he was out of the house. Garbage day is Thursday...
8. We can buy a brand new homecoming dress!
9. We can stop mowing the lawn and watering the flowers and trying to impress our husbands with our great yard skills so that when they come home, they can compliment us on just how great we did with that summer weedkiller. They'll never know under the snow.
10. We have more time with each other...even the smelly ones you were really hoping would hurry up and PCS.

So cheer up :) This sucks, it really does. But after 24 hours of complete psychotic hysteria, depression and negativity, I've realized that there is nothing we can do to change it, and we may as well make the most of it and look on the bright side. It's the least we can do to keep our guys strong.

Love you lots and hope you can fudge a smile after an entire day of misery,


C and J said...

You are all amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

This is hilarious in a sad sort of way. It really made me laugh.

Katie said...

Bravo! I really think the lawn thing is right on....stop mowing NOW. And, you are definitely all amazing!

Lysandra said...

This is great. Keep your chin up.