Saturday, July 01, 2006

No Moose in Our Yard

As I was sitting on the couch, with my back to the window, Mom, in a quiet, though excited tone, said "look, behind you, right now." I turned to see a moose right beside the deck, just moments before Ranger noticed, and started running towards the back door, baying. Needless to say, the moose didn't stay long enough for me to grab my camera. The last two times Mom was here she kept looking outside, hoping to see a moose in the yard, but was disappointed. She saw moose, just not in our yard.

This morning Ranger woke me up at 4:45, barking. I hurried him downstairs, hoping he wouldn't wake up the rest of the house, and let him out the back door. I came into the office and looked out the window in time to see the same moose running down the driveway, and Ranger not too far behind. Fortunately, Ranger can't leave the yard with our invisible fence. He's going to make sure we don't have any moose hanging around though! What a protector!


Laura said...

I'm jealous. I thought for sure once we moved out to N.P. that we would have moose in our yard but we haven't yet. So sad.

Did the moose realize he was being chased by Ranger?

Angie said...

Well, he was running! He probably didn't realize that if he had just turned around, Ranger would have run the other direction.