Friday, June 30, 2006

Fun at BACH

Ashlyn had her 1 year well baby visit today. Everything went fine at the appointment. Ashlyn was a bit tired, but Ms. Binder examined her while she was on my lap. Ashlyn was fine with that. Ashlyn is now 30 1/8 inches, which is in the 75th%. She weighs 21 lbs, 3 oz, which is in the 50th%. We were not able to get her shots today, because we need to do a TB skin test, which they can't do on Friday. I thought, good, we can get her home and be done with it.

Um, no. She was able to get her blood test for anemia today. Ashlyn was mad before anything sharp was even brought out. She did not want that lady to hold her hand. She flailed and screamed, loudly, during the entire procedure. I tried to calm her down with singing and then just comforting words. It wasn't going to happen. They kept saying something about such loud screams for a tiny person. Noone on the second floor could have missed it.

Unfortunately, we still needed to pick up a prescription, which was not that big of a deal. She pooped while we were waiting, though. I gave dad the option of changing the diaper or waiting for the prescription. He claims that he wasn't aware of the choices. I definitely should have changed the diaper as the first floor was now hearing her screams. Apparently, SGT Smith (mother of 4) stopped to help him.

Good times.


Katie said...

Oh lord. That sounds like a good time! Ashlyn definitely knows what she wants--and its NOT anything at the hospital!! :)

Katie said...

P.S. Where was he changing her diaper?

Laura said...

I'm just glad she didn't spit up on him. I think it's so funny that he so squeemish with it. (For ye other blog readers - Bo spit up on Angie's Dad yesterday and he had to immediately run up stairs and change clothes because he couldn't handle the thought and smell of it. Too funny) But I give him props for attempting the diaper change in the middle of the hospital hallway. Even if he did solicit help.

C and J said...

It is funny that he had help from a stranger. Too cute.

Angie said...

Oh, Laura reminded me. There is more to the story. Ashlyn did puke on Dad. All down her side and his hands, and on the floor. I forgot about it, because this was before any of the screaming began.

AND, she spilt her juice on him right before he changed her diaper. Spilt in such a way that the woman helping him possibly thought he had wet himself. Hee hee.

He was changing her diaper in the little area next to the cafeteria, I think. I couldn't see, only hear.