Thursday, June 15, 2006


Front feet, back feet. Feet, feet, feet.

Voice #1
I have a voice in my head. Specifically, Allen's voice, reading to Ashlyn. Ashlyn usually watches Allen reading to her a couple of times a day. Even though he read quite a few books for the video, they still get stuck in my head. It's one thing to keep rereading a book to her, but to hear the same book read over and over, with the same inflections, pauses, everything. Don't get me wrong, some days I think I am playing the video as much for myself as Ashlyn. I like to hear his voice, too. But, then there are times when I can't get the books out of my head. "In the middle of the road was a bright green toad. A toad in the road, we'll have to unload. The toad in the road made a fuss on the bus. " Or, "Left, left foot, right foot, right. Feet in the day, Feet in the night." We had to take a break from the video the past two days. I just needed to have a couple of days without the voice in my head. Sorry, Allen, but really she absolutely knows who you are!

Really, these are new words, not new voices. Ashlyn and I were looking at the pictures on the refrigerator the other day. She would point at a picture, and I would say who was in it. So, she said "Katie." The best part was how excited Katie was that Ashlyn said her name. "Not my brother Jacob's name. Not my baby's name. My name. KATIE." So fun!

This is Katie Bug.


Katie said...

Yay! She can say my name, too, then! :)

We had the books on video thing, but John only read three short books. I can recite them word for word along with him....and he was only gone 4 months. I bet you will be totally sick of those books by the time he gets home!!! But, what a good idea that was!

Angie said...

I really had envisioned Allen just reading a few books, too. I figured those would just be the "daddy books." Then, when we were setting it up, Allen said he wanted to read all of her books. So, he didn't read all of them, but he did read as many as he could. We have an hour and a half worth of video! The problem is, I generally start at the beginning, The Foot Book! I can't even read it to her myself without hearing Allen's voice.