Sunday, June 11, 2006

Baby Bo and a Magic Show

I love this picture!

I have already talked about how my baby is growing up. That is even more apparent to me when I am around tinier babies. Between being on the boob so often, sleeping not so long, and just general neediness of little ones, I'm glad that Ashlyn will be 1 soon. Of course, she can also be somewhat needy, and has learned to scream her demands. But, my point being, that I can still get my little baby fixes when I am around others. So, I am very glad that I was able to see Baby Bo this week. He has not been feeling well recently and needed his mama more often. This week, he seems to be feeling better, and I was able to hold him, too.

Bo is just talking to Mom

I don't remember what Bo was looking at here, dog, cat, Ashlyn?

So, perhaps, Ashlyn wasn't completely ok with me holding another baby.

On Saturday afternoon, Mr. Checkers performed his magic show for our FRG group. Ashlyn has no idea that it is a big deal to make things disappear, so I really enjoyed it more then she did. Here are a few pictures from the show.

Notice that the boy is balancing only on the top edge of the folding chair.

Mr. Checkers made a balloon animal or hat for all the kids. At least Ashlyn didn't care as she slowly popped her lady bug.

This is what Ashlyn did during the magic show. She crawled off, waited for me to see her, and then crawled away, laughing.

She also drank her juice.


Laura said...

Oh Ang - those are great pictures. I want copies.

Vicki/Grandma Harris said...

I love the picture of you, Ashlyn & Bo!

Katie said...

Those are GREAT pics! I love the one of Bo and Laura (where Bo is looking off at something).

C and J said...

Love the pics. Good talkin' to ya too. Miss you guys!! I can't believe how big Bo is!! He is looking more like Laura. Don't you think?