Saturday, June 03, 2006


We are supposed to have frost tomorrow morning. And a hard freeze Sunday morning. It is June, people! Of course, I put in my flowers a couple of weeks ago. It isn't supposed to freeze in June, even in interior Alaska! Hopefully, the weather prediction will be incorrect or change.

So, what to do about it? My dad suggested that I put old sheets on the flowers overnight. I do have old sheets, but they are the ones that I use. I looked up what else was recommended online. The site I visited suggested first of all to only plant flowers that could withstand frost, not helpful! I already put down lots of impatiens. It also suggested watering them well beforehand, which I would not have guessed. And, of course, covering them with plastic, sheets, or something. I took most of the sheets we own outside. Just look how ghetto! Keep your fingers crossed that the flowers survive.

And, in other gardening problems, apparently both animals think the back garden is a big litter box. How do I stop that?


Laura said...

see, for once my procrastination is paying off. I have not planted any flowers yet but I am worried about the grass we just planted. Let's just hope the weather folks are wrong on this one. My fingers are croseed, too.

Katie said...

My impatiens survived as well. How cold did it get last weekend?

Angie said...

Laura said it was 28 at her house.

Anonymous said...

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