Thursday, May 11, 2006


Ranger is considering taking the offered cracker.
Ashlyn has a snack after her nap in the afternoon. Usually, it is a graham cracker. She has been holding her cracker out to Ranger lately. Of course, Ranger is very excited about this. At first, I thought she was just trying to show Ranger the cracker. He would lick on it, and then Ashlyn would put it back in her mouth. Yesterday, Ranger decided he'd better be faster if he wanted to eat. So, every time Ashlyn held out a cracker to him, he took it and ate it. This did not make her happy. Today, she was on my lap while eating her snack. She held it out to me, I thought to show me, but she wasn't happy until I pretended to take a bite. While I don't really want to share here soggy graham cracker with her, I liked that she was trying to share. Later she tried to share Ranger's food with him. He didn't object when she took food out of his bowl, but I was right on top of her to take it out of her mouth. While taking this picture, I am also telling Ranger "no." He is trying to obey.

Ashlyn crawling around with the Ranger's toy that she is "sharing."

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