Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dance Recital

This photo pretty much sums up Ashlyn's behavior for the day. She was so stressed out that she made the rest of us miserable. She whined and complained and threw tantrums and complained about having a dance recital. 

And then she started talking to her friends in the class.

And had a giant grin on her face during the entire performance.

 Which continued after the performance when Grandma Vicki and PawPaw gave her balloons and a cat. I forgot the dozen roses I had purchased earlier in the day, so Allen bought these tacky fake flowers. Ashlyn LOVED the fake flowers. She was so excited that they would last FOREVER.

 With Grandma and Poppy and Christopher
 with Grandma Vicki and PawPaw
with Mom and Dad.

Ashlyn kept telling me that she didn't want to be in dance anymore, until after the recital. Now she tells me that she was "meant to be on stage!"

(yes, the recital was in May and I am just now posting.)


Natalie said...

Love her outfit! And, I love her positive attitude about the flowers. What a great kid!!

Liv wanted to quit ballet after this season and just do gymnastics and tap. But, tap isn't being offered in her age group this Fall and gymnastics is a joke here. So, she's decided to continue with ballet (year four of it) and take up hip hop. I'm, literally, on the road M-Th afternoons all through my due date and beyond with Lila's dance class and soccer, and Liv's dance classes. I'd like to throw swimming lessons back in there - but, will probably see what I can handle in January instead - unless I can get Matt to bring the kids to Saturday swim lessons. Matt thinks it's fine for each girl to have an activity after school each day. Yeah, I don't think so! I'd like to see him do that kind of running around with three kids!

I'm glad to read Ashlyn is going to continue on in dance!

Kim said...

We had a recital this year, too. I loved it, but the feel of the "academy" as a whole is a little bit too... much for me. (Think pageant training, cheerleader training, Mini Hottie training... just not exactly what I want my little girl to be trained up in.) I feel a little sad, because she loved recital, but we're going to try scouts next year instead.

(Like Ashlyn, she was not very into dance until the recital. I can see why they go to all that trouble every spring... bet it ropes many girls back in!)

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

I haven't read this yet... just wanted to say THANK YOU for not putting gallons of make-up on your 5 year old's face. She looks beautiful.

Myrtle said...

Cute girls. Great work Ashlyn.

Anonymous said...

Well, one can this much: I racall going to a dance class in Germany and that was 2009. So she has already spent mucht of her life dancing! And she has improved!
Thanks Angie. Pawpaw