Thursday, June 30, 2011


Once again, Ashlyn had two birthday parties. Granny made her a heart cake for her family birthday (Ashlyn's choice.)

I don't think there could be a child more excited about their birthday. We only start counting down 364 days beforehand. She told me that she was "almost 7" now.
Both kids with Grandma Vicki.
Giving Paw-Paw a hug.

On Monday Ashlyn had a pool party, where she invited all of her girl friends. There was a frog near/in the pool that caused a lot of screams and attention.
Princess and the frog influence. Yuck!
Waiting for everyone to finish their lunch to get to the cake part is, apparently, very boring.
It was miserably hot here the day of the party- my poor icing was starting to melt.  Ashlyn was very happy to get the first piece of rainbow cake. She was also happy to have a second slice of "tie dye" cake.
Ashlyn and Lilly, enjoying the pool.
More kid pool pictures.
Rather than handing out goodie bags, we gave all of our guests "surprise balls." I just wanted something a little bit different. However, it took a good long while (with my mom's help) to make 23 of them. (We had about 6 left over, so that was a few extra.) Overall, we had a good time, and it was nice to get together with the girls from Ashlyn's class and daisy troop.


Natalie said...

Love the baseball theme. What was in the surprise balls?

Laura said...

Such great pics and as always, amazing cakes. How on earth did u make the tie dye cake? I have never heard of that before. and what are surprise balls? Man, I must live in Alaska or something. Way out of the loop of what's cool and hip.

The Matthaidess' said...

Fantastic cakes! Glad Ashlyn had such wonderful birthdays!