Tuesday, February 08, 2011

...then you were 3.

I could still call you my baby boy last year. You barely spoke. Not that you were quiet. 
January 2010

 The changes over the past year, so amazing.

February 2010

 You called your sister "Mimi." Your prayers were "Mama-mommy. daddy. A-Men." (We kind of miss those.) We so worried about your language, then it just exploded. It was AMAZING. You have spent the last several months telling us EVERYTHING on your mind.

March 2010

April 2010

I cannot stress how much you love playing ball. Any kind will do.

 May 2010

You are also quite happy to play dress up with your sister. Once Jackson introduced you to superheroes, you now often play superheroes and princesses.

June 2010

 July 2010

You have adapted to going to daycare so incredibly. You like playing with the other kids and playing with Miss Susan and "Grandpa."

You still absolutely LOVE your sister. I am absolutely amazed with how well you play together.
August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

I love watching you grow up, baby boy.

January 2011

Happy (very late) birthday, Christopher! 


Natalie said...

Oh, so sweet! Time flies!

Cherie said...

I always enjoy reading your birthday letters to the kids. They are so sweet and heartfelt and the pictures are always so cute. You're a great mom Angie and you are raising two awesome children.

Harrisonjoy said...

love it!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

I can't believe you are three! Love you little guy. You are growing up so very fast. In the last pictures you look so big. Happy late birthday, Christopher!

Laura said...

3?! That's just crazy. I can't believe you guys have been away from Alaska for that long (actually longer). He is such a cutie and the picture of him and Ashlyn hugging melts my heart. They are adorable.

We really need to plan a reunion this year. It's time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and your stories and thoughts with each picture! One may hear "art is my life." Your life is art! My love to all the Harris Chronicle family, Bob/dad/Pawpaw