Monday, June 07, 2010


We're two weeks into summer vacation and have already been fairly busy with summer stuff. Since we lost Fred the first moment we were dog-sitting, Granny came to help look and stayed the night.

We celebrated Poppy's birthday with a blackberry pie.

We've been going on walks. 

Riding in cars while eating popsicles.

Playing hide-n-seek.
Swimming. (We are not used to the heat/humidity here. I predict that we will be at the pool frequently.)

Painting on the sidewalk.
Eating ice cream with strawberries.
Going to the library, this time was the Asian American Festival.

And playing dress up. This was the first day that Christopher has been interested in more than Ashlyn's shoes.
Allen tried to brainwash him with talk about how "boys are princes. Girls are princesses." Christopher would have none of it as he ate dinner in the Belle dress. He said, "no, lala." (his word for princess.)
Fred was thrilled with being a princess, too.


The Dunns said...

Angie, I love that first picture of you and Ashlyn!!

Yay for Grannies!

So glad you let Christopher dress up as a princess. My boys love that, too. (They are usually a prince, a princess, and a horse. ha-ha) I will be a little less concerned, now.

Harrisonjoy said...

I am dying laughing! Christopher is a hoot! Guess I will go online to find him a Prince outfit. I just LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Angie...never saw you with your tongue hanging out...cute! WC needs a brother to hang with...too much exposure to "Fancy Nancy!" Thanks for posting, Bob

Anonymous said...

I have LOVED catching up on your great blog! LOVED seeing summer pictures of you guys! Laughing at our Fred - and glad the kids are enjoying him :)Now I have to blog - well maybe tomorrow. but will get to it soon. Loved the first photo of you and Ashlyn. I miss you.