Saturday, March 06, 2010

Parks, freakouts, museums, and family

We'd had several rainy, cool days. So a beautiful day Sunday definitely called for a trip to the park. Ashlyn was trying to pretend that she was pregnant. Somehow, she just looks a bit chesty.
Monday was just about the worst parenting day for me. I was "that mom" at the library. The kids kept running in circles and shrieking while we were waiting in line. I tried to separate them. I put them in time out. I moved them away from each other to sit in time out. I knew that everyone was looking at me, and had just told the kids that we were no longer going to the park after the library. I was also thinking that I would probably just have to leave. Then, a librarian walked up to me. She said,"Can you keep your children quiet? This is a library." Allen suggested that my response should have been along the lines of "this is a library?" Instead, I told her that I was trying. Then, I grabbed the wrists of both kids and left. Christopher started screaming on the way out the door. Ashlyn just kept laughing. I was so embarrassed and mad.
It was free day at both the de Young and SFMOMA on Tuesday. After our day Monday, I just knew that taking these two to museums was going to be difficult. They were great! They had a tendency to want to touch stuff while walking, so I really had to be on top of them. Once they were in the stroller, they were fine.

Ashlyn saw this carousel on the way to the SFMOMA. Of course, during most of the visit, she kept asking if we could leave to go back.

Christopher would not smile for me, but he did have fun.
My aunt, uncle, and two cousins also live in the bay area. I emailed my uncle right after we moved here about getting together. I didn't keep reminding him or anything, and now I really regret that. We hadn't seen any of them since Christmas 1996.

Uncle Steve reads
Silly photos with Steve and Donna

I told Ashlyn that my cousin Maya was 17, but had only been 4 the last time I saw her. I think Ashlyn was expecting a 4 year old. As a bonus, Haile was home from college this weekend, too.

My baby cousins are all grown up.

Oh, questions from the last post. We are moving to Tulsa, OK. We do not know about the house yet, but don't really have a second choice. Just waiting...


The Dunns said...

OK?!? Wow!

Our post library has a great little children's room. It's actually a separate room with a door that closes! Even that is not enough to keep the rest of the library from hearing them some times. I could easily spend an enjoyable hour or two at the library (by myself) but I'm learning to only plan about 15 minutes if I'm with the boys. They can usually handle that and if I get a little more time from them, it's a bonus. I think your kids are totally normal! If they are still doing that when they are 16 and 20, then you can be concerned.

Jackson said...

Jackson's first trip to the library went like yours - I left with him screaming and felt just like you. In fact I left a few times early if he misbehaved. But I know this was not your first trip to the library - they were just being shits and hey - their kids and thats o.k! Obviously that library is not kid friendly - I'd drive to a different one! Ours has a seperate kids area where you can also check out your books electronically - no waiting in lines in the main lobby.

Angie said...

We go to the library every week, so my kids know the routine. This time, we weren't there to get books, just to pay my overdue fine. I couldn't believe the librarian came up to me like that. I would have understood if I was doing nothing to try to get them quiet, but it was obvious that I was trying.

Angie said...

I just got on the library's site and was able to pay my overdue fee online. HOORAY!!!! I still have to return one book that didn't make it back last time, but no standing in line!

The Capozzoli Clan said...

Nice librarian....she needs a kick in the -ss if you ask me. It is just impossible some days with kids...they are people with personalities and everyone has crappy days. I totally understand about being mad and embarrased. Good for you for responding back to her like you did. People need to remember what it was like as a kid or better yet, their mother, and cut mothers some slack! Glad the rest of the day turned out good for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog post Angie, sorry you had such a bad day at the library...hopefully that "worst mommy day" was THE worst and now, it's in the past...!
(keep wishing, they due come true). Be careful preparing to move, drive safely, be patient, have fun and remember you're coming home! (well within less than a days driving distance!) Love you all, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Farrah said...


sara said...

So sorry you had such a crap day! That librarian was definitely out of line. How about helping you by distracting the kids? Sometimes that's all it takes. I used to keep stickers in my name tag at work for times like those. I think they need a nice note in their suggestion box regarding customer service training.

Looks like you guys had fun at the museums though. And the the pics of Ashlyn "preg/chesty" cracked me up! She's a funny kid!