Monday, February 15, 2010

A baby in the house

Two of our good friends from Alaska have been in California for the past couple of weeks, adopting a baby boy. We couldn't be happier for Laurie and Jason, and were so happy to meet their new baby boy, Josiah.
They came over for dinner last Friday night, then we met them in downtown San Francisco for lunch on Monday. Small bits of site seeing.

Ashlyn felt like posing that day, and kept asking me to take more pictures of her.

This was Christopher's first time on a carousel.

Of course, he loved it!

More posing from Ashlyn.
Getting Christopher in on the action.

Jason and Laurie have hit some bureaucratic issues in their adoption process, which has left them here a bit longer than they expected. Laurie flew home to take care of their girls, but Jason and Josiah are staying with us for a few days.

We certainly don't mind looking at this face.


Anonymous said...

Hey! loved the posing Ashyln and I am addicted to new babies and am so happy for your friends! What a treasure their new bub is! My kid is still bald at 5 months!

Natalie said...

Very cute baby! Nice of you to take them in.

Ashlyn is adorable.

The Matthaidess' said...

Josiah is a cutie! Love the pics of all of the kids. They looked like they had a great time.

The Dunns said...

It's so great to see everyone. We sure miss you all. Congratulations, Jason & Laurie! Josiah is adorable! Hope all the "issues" get smoothed out quickly for you. -Holly

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have a good time with your friends. I know they are very important to you and what a treat to get to be a part of an adoption. Thanks for the Valentines Day card that Ashlyn made, we got it in the mail today. Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

jae rin said...

That's great that Jason and Laurie are adopting--Josiah is so itty bitty! I hope everything gets resolved--say hi to them for us if they are still there!