Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tea Garden

On Thursday, we went back into San Francisco to Golden Gate Park. There we visited the beautiful Japanese tea garden.

Ashlyn was all for posing when asked. "Cheese."

After the tea garden, we walked through the park to a playground. Christopher has no fear climbing. His momma does.

We're on our way to Arkansas now. See everyone soon.


Fuzzy, aka Kim said...

What an excellent time of year to come to Arkansas! The weather is perfect.

If you have time for a get together, call! (I have been the out-of-state visitor to herds of family in Arkansas before, though, and I know you may be pressed for visiting time. Don't worry at all if you can't.)

The Dunns said...

Such cute poses by Ashlyn. Happy travels!

amanda said...

WONDERFUL pictures! Have fun and lots of hugs and love from our house.

Natalie said...

We have family in San Fran. We'll have to invade their home/city soon to see some of the nice sites. It's been a while and we never did make it to the Tea Garden.