Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Renaissance Faire and Family Day

Earlier this month, I took the kids to a Shakespeare Festival and Renaissance Fair. The kids had a great time.
They enjoyed the jousting, especially just looking at the horses.

They liked their turkey legs.

The Queen talking to Shakespeare.

In one area, they had a kids jousting area. The kids could joust wearing their horse or riding a stick horse. It was pretty funny.

When we first arrived, I thought we were one of the only people there not dressed in period clothing. A lot of people were there, acting the part. We also watched fencing and dancing, as well as watching several "parades."

The next day was family day at Allen's reserve unit. They had face painting. At first, Ashlyn said she wanted to be a pea. As in a small green vegetable. Another random face painting choice. Fortunately, after she saw the suggested options, she chose a bee. She cracked me up at her pose for these photos.
They also had a few people with balloon shapes, so Ashlyn had butterfly wings.

After eating lunch, Ashlyn played in the jumping castle, outlasting every other kid there, until they took the castle down.

Christopher would jump for a bit, and then go sit in the truck. He was in heaven.


Natalie said...

Great pictures. Looks like a lot of fun. Nothing like that around here...yet.

Anonymous said...

o.k - christopher looks WAY to grown up for me - he is supposed to be a little toddler isn't he???!!! He looks Jackson's age! I LOVE the big smiles from him and LOVE everything about Ashlyn - can't wait to see you guys!

Harrisongranny said...

ANGELA...Christopher has grown up about 2-3 years since I've seen him! My gosh...he's a little man! As usual, Ashlyn is beautiful....

I guess Christopher's gonna be a truck driver...