Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's a Virtual Baby Shower!

It's a boy!
Welcome! We are all here to welcome a new baby boy! Sometime in the next few weeks, Laura and Wes (along with big brothers Bo and Sam) will be welcoming a new baby boy into their home and hearts.
If we were all in Alaska, we could shower Laura in person. Instead, we are showering her from afar!

So relax, have a piece of cake in Laura's honor,

baby with bear and blanket

there will be no games requiring you to eat baby food for this shower!

Instead, leave a comment with well wishes, advice, guesses on whether the baby will look like one of these two cuties, birthday predictions... whatever you wish.

We will start with your hostesses.

I am so excited for your family and this new little guy. I hope that you have an uncomplicated delivery and an easy transition to a family of five. I am predicting that you will have the baby on September 20th (yes, that's THIS weekend.)

We love you and couldn't be happier for you, Wes, Bo, and Sam. I can't wait to see this little one... To hear what you name him and see if he has that beautiful carrot top hair like his brothers. As far as predictions go: I think he will bless us with his sweet little face on the 29th, have Wes' nose, and your chin. Good luck girl. Let us know if you need ANYTHING!
Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Laura, Wes, Bo, & Sam,
You all know how excited we are down here, we can't wait to see if it's a redhead! Words of wisdom-
I will love my children forever
I will pray for them
think of them
cherish them
Through good times
bad times
stressful times
I will comfort them
cry with them
laugh with them
I will teach them
honor them
respect them
I am a mother
Love to all of you - Mom

Tracy said...

Dear Laura,

Happy baby shower blog! The baby pics of Bo and Sam are great reminders of the cute cute babies you and Wes have. I just want to eat those boys up!

I love you, Bo, Sam, and Wes and I can’t wait for number 3 to arrive, completing the Madden family of 5! Bo and Sam are both so sweet and fun. I love Bo’s sly smile, his trouble-making (baby powder and car stereos), and his insane leaps from high places. I love Sam’s happy-go-lucky and fearless exploration, his sweet smile, and his gruff little grunts. I can’t wait to meet number 3 and get to know the things that make him special too! Your life will be hectic and so full of love.

When labor gets started you better RUN to the hospital. Number 3 will probably not take his time launching into the world. I miss you and love you so much.

Love, Tracy

Anonymous said...

Laura - Another precious gift is about to grace your world. :) Can't wait to meet the newest baby boy Madden! We're thinking about you and wishing we could be there for the big arrival.

Words of wisdom: I've heard the 3rd one comes fast, so don't waste any time getting to the hospital!

Love and miss you,

Tom said...


Word is the odds in Vegas are 100-1 in favor of a redhead. Anyone willing to bet otherwise? :)

Wishing you a smooth delivery and transition during the coming months. We're thinking of you back here in Austin.


Angie said...


What a great experience you and Wes are about to enjoy; three boys, each with unique personalities that will surprise you, teach you, amaze you, humor you and complete you. I am so happy for you and Wes and I hope I get the chance to meet your new little guy.

(And I'm with Angie - I think Sept 20th is a good's my birthday:)

(The other) Angie Harris

Mom/Nana said...

There was a young woman who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children she didn't know what to do!

So she called for her mom, "Come help me, come now.
Another boy's coming. Oh my gosh! Holy cow!

Nana jumped on a plane, and flew and flew and flew.
To greet the new baby who’d live in that shoe.

Mom offered advice, “Stay calm, you’ll cope.
You were our third little babe; a blessing, no joke.

Your shoe will be full; it will be wild and fun.
And you’ll cherish and love and be thankful for each one.

The Dunns said...

Wow - 3 boys! How exciting! I have a special place in my heart for mommy's with 3 little boys.

"Great Job, Wes!" (That's from Steve)

Laura, you look beautiful. Oh and, contrary to the other advice, don't rush to the hospital when labor starts. Take your time. Take a bath. Walk around. Eat something. The less time spent in the hospital, the better. The 3rd basically delivers himself, anyway. ;)

Have fun & God bless!!

Katie said...

You look beautiful as always....I wish we could have a shower for you in person. I predict that this little one will have brown hair, but will look like Bo and Sam in almost every other way. I am guessing he will be born on September 23, because that is Andrew's birthday and it is a great day to have a baby!


POB said...

Top 5 things about having 3:

1. You can field a basketball team.
2. It's more likely that 1 kid won't be crying.
3. More fun material for your blog.
4. More cousins.
5. One more little man will benefit from having a WONDERFUL Mom.

Much love (and hysterical laughter),

Anonymous said...

Dad says --

Laura, I wish I could be there when Boy #3 is born, but since I'm not coming up until October 7, it might not be a good idea for me to ask you to wait. Let's hope it comes tomorrow. That will give Mom the most time to enjoy our new grandson. You have been a wonderful mom to two boys, and I'm sure you can handle 3 boys equally as well.

I love you!


Anonymous said...

From one mom of THREE boys to doesn't get any better than this. Seriously. We are truly so happy for you, Wes, Bo, and Sam. Grayson, Cole, and Camden can't wait to meet their new BOY cousin!

I saw this definition of a boy and thought you, too, might laugh:

boy [boi]-noun - a noise with dirt on it

Hugs and kisses,
Wendy and THE BOYS

Randi Marie said...

You are such a trooper dealing with the move, the new brokerage, and a new baby. I can't wait to meet baby #3! You amaze me everyday with your patience. You deserve a pedicure (wink, wink).
Happy Baby Shower!
Love you tons and can't wait to meet the little guy!

Anonymous said...

Laura et al -
What neat friends you have!! We have been thinking of you so much these last few days and wish you all the best in the coming few weeks. We're so glad your mom is able to be there with you for all the excitement. I think you should try for Sunday afternoon, the 20th for brother #3's arrival - enjoy a fun weekend with "Nana" and then put her to work! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing all about "??" as soon as he arrives. Know that we'll be thinking of you.

Much love to all,
Aunt Mary & Uncle Doc

Anonymous said...

Hey guys.....I hope you are all doing well. What a wonderful treat for you guys. I am predicting Sept 25th in the morning and I think he will look just like you! I love you guys and wish we lived closer too. Give Bo and Sam hugs from us and we hope to come up and visit soon. Love you and miss you tons. You will have to let us know how 3 is..........

My Bambino said...
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