Sunday, August 02, 2009

Seen and Heard

I know that I haven't been updating the blog much, we've, of course, been visiting playgrounds.
Christopher is a bit more comfortable at going down slides again. He didn't even want to go down the slide with me after he burnt his leg.
Ashlyn has been riding her bike.
We've also been feeding the ducks and geese at yet another park.

Last weekend we went to Fairyland to see a production of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Ashlyn had to wear her princess gown. It is Fairyland, after all.
Before the show.
The kids enjoyed the show. Our family really likes the whole series.
The kids love to "help" make cookies. I make cookie dough and then keep it in the fridge and make a few at a time. I caught Ashlyn sneaking cookie dough and she said "you didn't see me eat the cookie dough yesterday."
Both kids love our shoes. Ashlyn is also trying to show off her new manicure.
Christopher is "talking" a bit more. A dog says "ffff." A cow says "mmm." He occasionally throws out a few more things. He's coming along slowly.

Ashlyn wanted to use the timer to take a photo of all of us. Yes, that is marker on Christopher's face, and a headband.
We met Allen for lunch on his drill weekend at (where else?) a park.

Ashlyn was reading to Christopher and insisted that he sit in her lap. He was done with listening. I'm actually pretty amazed at how many books she has memorized and will "read" to Christopher.

The kids have also been in swimming lessons the past two weeks. Of course, the weather turned a bit chilly just in time for the lessons. Ashlyn is still going to take lessons for the next couple of weeks. These photos are not from lessons, though. I'm in the pool with Christopher there, so no photos.

Going in the deep end.
Ashlyn made binoculars in day camp. We talked about how she could see far away with them. Unfortunately, far, far away is also how we have described where her friends and family are. She looked through them, and wanted to know why she couldn't see Bella and Maddie (who are in Kansas and Germany.)

When we were at the commissary, an older man started teasing Ashlyn about her patch. He asked her if she was a pirate. I just kind of laughed it off and said that she was a pirate. It did irritate me, though. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he thought it was a toy patch?


The Dunns said...

Very cute pictures and stories. I love the marker-and-headband picture. That is "uniform of the day" at our house most of the time. The boys love wearing our shoes, too. Looks like A&C really enjoy each other. Fun!

Jackson said...

I can not believe how blond Christopher's hair is since the summer outdoors - he is truly beautiful and just seeing him and ashlyn makes me miss you guys so much!! Great photos of everyone - keep em coming! I was almost going to comment on the lack of blogging but figured I need to keep my mouth shut as you are probably working on quilts and being actually productive - as opposed to me - who prefers to spend afternoons watching True Blood.

Myrtle said...

Ashlyn and Christopher are having a great time. Lucky them to have so many parks to go to.

Natalie said...

Okay, I must be out of the loop. Is Allen in the Reserve?

Great pics. Love Ashlyn's arm bands and dress! And, your son gets cuter and cuter!

Angie said...

yes, Allen is still in the reserves.

Harrisongranny said...

Oh my gosh....seeing these pictures makes me miss them SO MUCH! Those two are absolutely beautiful children!! I just think Ashlyn is so cute in her glasses...and she SO looks like Allen now! You do good pictures and good stories, Angela. Kiss my grandkids and say "Granny" to them.