Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Our previous babysitters have generally been neighbor girls or someone who watched the kids somewhere else. We don't know anyone here, so we have been without a babysitter. I've turned to an online babysitting service. This has me more than a little nervous. I'm trying to figure out who will take the best care of my child. Of course, they all have references, but I don't know the people who are referring them, either. I guess this isn't much different than sending your kid to a daycare or preschool, except that they will be alone in my home with my children. Now I'm feeling even more nervous.


kathi said...

Bless your heart--I remember those days of needing a babysitter and not knowing anyone. I am currently babysitting my first grandchild so that my daughter can work. I am so happy to be able to do this for her because it is so hard to know who to trust. Good luck and just try to follow your instincts.

Natalie said...

It IS hard to find trustworthly babysitters! I am so thankful for Jen Webster. I was getting nervous. She recommended a good friend for when she can't babysit. So far, so good! Good luck!