Thursday, July 09, 2009

Just down the street

Since we spend so much time at parks, I am trying to visit as many playgrounds in our city as possible. We all get a bit bored of the same ones. In my quest, I "discovered" this park less than two blocks from our home. It only took me two months and a visit to the city's park website to find it.

There is a lake, with ducks and geese.

Here's Ashlyn, wearing her patch. I should have mentioned this before, but she has not fought at all about wearing her glasses. When she put them on the first day, she looked around, started laughing and said, "look at that." Apparently, it's good to be able to see. We'd told her that she wouldn't cross her eye after she had glasses. She took that to mean that she wouldn't be able to cross her eyes, so she had to check that out right away, too. The patch was a bit more of a struggle, but after one really rough day she has calmed down about it.


The Dunns said...

Ashlyn looks so cute! I got my first glasses when I was 7 (but I should have gotten them much earlier). I remember being amazed the first time I wore them b/c I didn't know people could actually see leaves on trees!

Natalie said...

It's a cute patch, actually. Glad to read she's adjusted to it well.